The project

Locally sourced Tuscan experience: Discover the authentic flavors of the Tuscan Maremma at Due Radici

Due Radici is a project born from the combination of three generations linked by the passion for agriculture and wine. We firmly believe that the products of the earth, fruits and vegetables in particular, are at the basis of good food and our well-being. For this reason, we dedicate ourselves to the production of high quality vegetables, following artisanal methods that allow us to get the most out of our crops within our Azienda Agricola LaMàgia. We look forward to sharing our passion for fruits and vegetables with you, and to introducing you to the wonders of nature that surround us.

Since we believe that each fruit and vegetable has its own period of maximum expression, both in terms of taste and quality, our philosophy aims to enhance the seasonality of fresh products. Each season offers us different delicacies in our garden: from the tasty strawberries of spring, to the succulent tomatoes of summer, to the aromatic pumpkins of autumn and the tender spinach of winter. We take care of our products while respecting the environment and using artisanal and traditional methods that allow us to preserve the authentic flavors of our land. We are also committed to letting our customers know the importance of choosing seasonal products and to pass on to them the passion we put into our family business.

We are confident that our commitment could contribute to an even greater appreciation of the goodness of Tuscan cuisine, characterized by authentic and genuine flavors like those we offer through our range of products.


Join us for a unique experience locally sourced, a combination of authentic flavors that will let you discover the secrets of the wine produced in our winery and of the local products of our Azienda Agricola LaMàgia.

Pic-Nic under the olive trees

Experience an unforgettable time surrounded by nature with our picnic under the olive trees. Indulge in a spread of local delicacies while hanging out with your friends or someone special.

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to connect with nature and create unforgettable memories.*

*Activity available upon reservation

Tasting of wine and products of our own production

Wine tasting paired with our own products*

*Activity available upon reservation

Cooking Lessons

Learn how to cook fresh pasta as the Tuscan tradition requires.*

*Activity available upon reservation

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Everything comes from the land and is processed to arrive on your tables. That's why at our Azienda Agricola LaMàgia we strive to cultivate fruits, vegetables and greens in a sustainable way.

We also have a processing line to make preserves, jams and other delicious treats to enjoy at the table. Our farm is made up of passionate people who believe in quality and sustainability, not only of our products, but also of our planet.