Taste of tradition

We are a family-owned business located in the picturesque area of the Tuscan Maremma, among charming villages such as Vetulonia, Giuncarico and Gavorrano. We have been dedicated for years to growing fresh fruits and vegetables, which we either sell directly on the farm or deliver to our customers' homes.

In recent years, we have expanded our range of products, by transforming fresh raw materials into artisanal delicacies, such as jams, preserves, vegetables in our own extra virgin olive oil, compotes, ready-made sauces and high quality condiments at Azienda Agricola LaMàgia. All our packaged products are the result of recipes handed down from generation to generation by our family, prepared without preservatives, dyes or thickeners and only with seasonal products. For this reason, products such as "giardiniera" are made up with different vegetables depending on the season.

At our Winery, on the other hand, we produce Maremma Toscana Doc wines, the result of the care and attention we dedicate to each stage of the production process, from the tending of the vineyards to the vinification of the grapes in the cellar. 

Starting from this year, we decided to give birth to a new project that gives us the opportunity to introduce you to our concept of cooking, through the sharing of our family recipes, but also and above all by showing you the importance of eating fruits and vegetables consciously, in other words, consuming fruits and vegetables according to the current season.

Due Radici is meant to be a project based on food and conviviality, which have always been the lynchpin of "Tuscanism" for us.

What led us to name this project "due radici"

Due Radici is a project that stems from our love for Tuscan cuisine and the passion our family has always had for the land and its roots. The name "due radici" takes inspiration from the deep bond between our grandparents, who longed for and then purchased the farm where we are located, with the goal of passing on to future generations something valuable and useful to the community. Hence the name "due radici," which besides being a tribute to our grandparents, is also meant to represent the strong connection with our beloved land, which gives us high quality raw materials everyday. The land that hosts the roots of our products, represents for us the foundation on which we have built our culinary project.

Due Radici offers a unique experience, based on tastings, afternoon snacks and brunches, which will allow you to savor true Tuscan cuisine in a convivial and familiar setting. Our high quality raw materials, grown on our Azienda Agricola LaMàgia, turn into dishes full of passion and taste that you can enjoy here with us on warm summer evenings while sipping a good glass of wine.

We look forward to sharing with you the vision of our grandparents who always longed for a place where high-quality raw materials were transformed into typical Tuscan dishes conquering everyone with their simplicity.


Our team consists of 3 generations working side by side with each other to try achieving the goals set out by joining forces


Passionate about communication and photography, Elena loves to capture moments of daily life at the farm to share them on social media, where she also proposes videos of simple recipes within everyone's reach. But if you think that her role is just that, you are quite wrong!

In fact, Elena is a real tireless wild card, able to switch in a short time from helping dad Roberto in the wine cellar, to selling products with grandma Anna.

Elena or "Ele" as we usually call her, is the beating heart of "Due Radici" where she will welcome you with her contagious enthusiasm telling you the story of our project, whether in Italian or English.


Rob is our winery expert and also responsible for the production of our delicious wine. But he is not only an expert in wine, he is also a passionate farmer, who manages the farm la Màgia in every aspect; he knows exactly when to sow and when to harvest the raw materials, how to manage the vineyards and olive trees, and how to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

At "Due Radici" Roberto will show you the life cycle of all our products.

Nonna Anna

Anna is the senior member of the Azienda Agricola LaMàgia whose every aspect she knows like the back of her hand. Like all grandmothers, she is passionate about cooking, able to transmit this passion to all the customers who visit the farm, and she does it in words, or in gestures, if she does not speak their language!

Grandmother Anna has always represented the values we strongly believe in and try to transmit at "Due Radici”.


Annalisa is our master of Tuscan cooking, the "golden hands "of Azienda Agricola LaMàgia with which she manages to bring our packaged products (and our palates!). A great expert in the production of giardiniera and an expert wine taster, she is also the critical nose of our Winery.

At Due Radici, Annalisa experiments with simple but tasty dishes, with the ability to cook for twice as many people at the table, convincing them that that is the right portion for them.