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Our tastings propose an immersive and interactive experience for groups of friends and family, allowing you to savor our farm-fresh products while learning about their history and production methods. 

Come and discover the unique flavors and stories behind our offerings

Wine Tasting with local products

During the wine tasting, we will guide you through a selection of ours of different vintages and types, their organoleptic characteristics and history. We will make sure that at the end of the tasting you will understand the main characteristics to choose a suitable wine for any occasion. Our tasting is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a good glass of wine in good company. All accompanied by a selection of our own delicacies to go with the wines

Pic-Nic under the olive tree

Are you looking for a unique experience surrounded by nature? Our olive tree picnic is just the thing for you! After a brief introduction to our project, you will be accompanied to the picnic area where you can choose the perfect location from those available. We'll provide you with a basket filled with delicious local products, and a bottle of wine of your choice from our selection.

You can relax and take in the beauty of the surrounding landscape